Well, we’ve got some sad news, folks… the funding for our program has fallen through, and we will be mothballing the Creative Reuse at the ReBuilding Exchange project immediately, until further notice. We can no longer accept new donations of materials, and we will be liquidating our inventory.¬†

This is obviously a very unfortunate development, but we are still committed to providing Chicago with a creative reuse center, are currently investigating other venues and means to revive the project, and make it better than ever. We should be able to retain the use of this facebook page, and our twitter feed (https://twitter.com/CreativeReuse1) so that our fans and customers can keep tabs on our progress, and get in touch with us if they have ideas. It has been wonderful meeting you folks, and we have been consistently amazed by the creativity, resourcefulness, and all-around coolness of the people who have wandered into our little shop in the last year. Thank you for everything, and stay scrappy!

Eleanor and Emily

p.s. It’s ok, we are only mostly dead.


Welcome to Creative Reuse at the ReBuilding Exchange! We are an education and arts nonprofit dedicated to keeping reusable art, craft, school, and office materials out of the landfill, and providing artists, teachers, and other makers with affordable repurposed resources. We are located inside the ReBuilding Exchange at 2160 N Ashland Avenue, Chicago IL 60614.¬†Please ask us questions and take a minute to learn about Creative Reuse.